BG 12-17kW Series Three - phase String Type


SKU : BG 12-17kW Series Three - phase String Type

BG 12-17kW Series Three - phase String Type iMars BG 12-17KW three-phase grid tied photovoltaic inverter is photovoltaic string inverters INVT designed for commercial users and distributed ground station development, it uses advanced T type three level topology and SVPWM (space vector pulse width modulation) technique combined with high power density, the installation of modular design, simple maintenance and high cost, providing more flexible system for distributed photovoltaic power generation system and large ground photovoltaic power plant solutions.

แบรนด์ : invt inverter


1. Efficient

The integrated DC intelligent bus box and surge protection function can increase the flexibility of the system and reduce the system cost;

Maximum efficiency up to 98.3%, wide input voltage range, adapted to more panel type and group string configuration;

The independent dual MPPT supports two different sets of input power, allowing the maximum input power of a single group to reach 60% of the DC total power;

It adopts advanced T type three level topology and SVPWM (space vector pulse width modulation) technology;


IP65 protection level, suitable for all kinds of installation environment;

BUS capacitor adopts advanced film capacitor, the product design adopts the most advanced thermal simulation technology, to ensure stable operation and improve product life;

Products liability insurance and errors or omissions liability insurance are covered by the international famous property insurance company AIG insurance;

3. Intelligence

AC output power 1~100% is adjustable continuously;

Smart grid adaptive to meet the requirements of various power grid access;

A variety of monitoring modes: APP (one button registration), large screen data monitoring center, cloud monitoring platform;

Supports RS485, GPRS, WiFi, Ethernet (Ethernet);

4. Simple

High power density, small size;

Modular design, easy to maintain.

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